About us

At C2it Productions,

we build brand experience.

With hundreds of successful projects and design awards from around the world, we are ready to spotlight your brand with

  • Amazing Visual Experiences
  • Engaging Product Reveals
  • Immersive Technologies
  • Measurable Activations

...and much more, thoughtfully and purposefully designed to engage your guest, boost your brand, and build your business.

We design and fabricate any size or style exhibit for tradeshows, events, installs and roadshows using the best in modular, flexible elements. We can build to own or rent, and can help determine which is best. And of course we can execute every element and detail of your exhibits, locally and globally.

We can save you money. With our own A/V gear and expertise, we can use technology to maximize the impact of any exhibit. And because we don't rent that gear from third parties, we can save you real money, or deliver 'more' on a budget...or both!

No technology? No problem. Your success is paramount, and we know technology isn't always the answer.  Regardless of the method, our goals remain to deliver incredible solutions and worthwhile results.

We create amazing events. Whether it's a small location for an intimate group or a concert-sized arena where you can pit your sales teams against each other in a "fight to the death," we'll help at every stage. (Except the death part. That's on you. Maybe race cars? How about a nice party at a nightclub?)

If you need more small shows and tabletops and have a growing team to match, managing those assets can get duanting. We can streamline the job with a self-service system designed to deliver, manage and track those assets in real time and at any scale.

C2it Productions is ready to create a great experience for your team and your customers, tailored for your success.

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